Tourism Sustainability (CST)

CST is a program launched by the Tourism Board of Costa Rica, which seeks to certify tourism companies according to the grade to which their operation approximates a sustainability model. In this meaning, there are four fundamental aspects that are evaluated:

  • Business management: Evaluates aspects related to the management of sustainability, quality of service, security issues and development of employees, infrastructure and equipment management and regulatory compliance, among other issues. 
  • Social, Economic and Cultural Impact: Evaluates criteria related to socio-economic impact, support for community development and gender equity and contribution to the development and dissemination of local culture. Aspects related to the company’s internal systems and processes are evaluated, regarding waste management and the use of technologies for saving electricity and water. 
  • Environmental Impact: Evaluates the company’s management in relation to the use of water and effluent control, energy efficiency and use of clean energy, waste management, procurement policy and contribution to biodiversity conservation and footprint mitigation carbon and climate change adaptation policies, as well as support for the management of adjacent ecosystems and pollution reduction. 
  • Specific: Evaluates all aspects of each category of provider, subcategories and special characteristics of the operations.


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