Guacalillo beach cleaning

On November 22, the Santaneña Environmental Alliance had a campaign to raise awareness of what is happening with so much garbage that is reaching the oceans, Guacalillo beach has suffered in recent years, carelessness and neglect of the Central Valley population.

It is one of the affected beaches since it receives waste that comes from the Greater Metropolitan Area, first along the Virilla River, which then becomes the Tárcoles River and finally flows into the Central Pacific Ocean, where Guacalillo and Azul Beaches are the closest.

Bad waste management not only affects the landscape, but also impacts human health negatively, coastal marine biodiversity and tourism in the area, it is everyone’s responsibility to reduce the environmental footprint and strive to protect it.

We were present around 120 people from different organizations and companies that belong to this alliance such as: Studio Hotel, Empaques Santa Ana, Ingram Micro, Yuxta Energy, Western Union, Sheraton Hotel, Quality Hotel, Refrigeracion Omega, BLP Abogados, Pani, Swiss Travel , Department of Airport Police of Pavas, Coopesana, Municipality of Santa Ana and Baila Santa Ana Association, in this campaign 362 kilos of waste were collected, mostly plastic and styrofoam.