Program for the integral management of water and rational use of energy

The process of implementing requirements of the Certificate for Tourism Sustainability, motivated Studio Hotel to design and implement the Program for the integral management of water and the Program for the rational use of energy, of which it seeks to motivate employees, guests and suppliers on the importance of water and energy, implementing energy and water saving practices, to contribute to environmental education actions and activities.

It is important to use water rationally, this is a scarce resource, in some countries you cannot purify the water as is usually done in other countries. Therefore, it is important to use biodegradable amenities, always turn off the lights and air conditioning when leaving your room at the hotel.

Please keep in mind the following suggestions that will help us comply with our programs:

Energy saving:

  • When you are not in your room, turn off the lights, A / C and the television to save energy.
  • Keep the door closed when the air conditioner is running.
  • Make use of natural light by opening the curtains.

Save water:

  • To save water we ask you to reuse your towels.
  • Use water rationally.
  • If you want your towels changed, please place them on the floor.
  • The sheets are changed at intervals in order to save water. If you want the sheets changed, place the note on your bedside table or bed.
  • Report any water leaks at the reception, at extension 0.
  • Close the taps correctly.
  • Use a glass when brushing your teeth.

Reduce waste:

  • Make proper management of your waste through reduction, reuse and recycling guidelines.
  • Please deposit all waste in the recycling bins assigned at the hotel premises.


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